Kwongan Is The Great Southern Region of Western Australia
1 of 25 World Hotspots for its Biodiversity, Flora and Fauna


Cold Extracted Retains Important Enzymes and Probiotics
Kwongan Raw Honey is a Super Food


Situated on 400 Hectares of Native Bushland
A Pristine Landscape Near Dillon Bay

Community Information

Farmers in Bremer Bay that are involved in Kwongan Honey
Care and attention

At Kwongan Honey, we consider that Communities and Commerce are important elements of creating a sustainable future. Without them, there is no money to invest in the repair of ecosystems and other critical environmental processes. Conservation is the basis of our business which is just a small part of the wider Community. So, without Conservation and Community it is almost impossible to be a viable Commercial entity.

The environment is a source of energy, air, land, water, materials, ecosystems and habitats. It is clear that the health and wellbeing of human society depends on a functioning environment. In turn, the business economy and wealth depend upon a functioning society as well as a healthy environment. This reality underpins the Kwongan Honey approach to business.

Dillon Bay Estate

Dillon Bay Estate was established in 2016 by the Ball family with the aim of developing a non-migratory apiary.

Steve Ball’s interest in bees started with 2 hives in the family’s suburban back garden in Perth. He soon realised that this was not enough for him and the family began searching for a property to expand his hobby into a business. They found the perfect property in the beautiful coastal area of Bremer Bay with the wild Southern Ocean to the south and the pristine Fitzgerald River National Park to the east.

The Ball’s commissioned Nathan McQuoid, Landscape Ecologist, in 2017 to help with the revegetation of a portion of the property that had previously been used for grazing sheep and cattle. The aim is to maintain the diversity and structure of the native vegetation and to increase the abundance and cover of valued honey production species.

Modern commercial beekeepers usually rely on migratory beekeeping – moving hives around on transport to make use of pollen abundance and nectar flows. Non-migratory beekeeping will reduce energy consumption and the carbon footprint from lower emissions. Steve hopes that by reducing bee movements and the mixing of bee populations on a non-migratory apiary, it may improve biosecurity with less chance of transferring any diseases. Western Australia is currently free of many of the diseases that trouble the rest of the world meaning that there is no need to use antibiotic strips in the hives leaving the raw honey produced in Western Australia as 100% pure and natural.

Crystal Lake Farm

Tom & Astrid Long own and operate an 18-hole mini golf course, nestled in beautiful native bushland, bordering the Fitzgerald River National Park, with spectacular views over the lake. The family fun course is guaranteed to provide the odd challenge or two! Followed by a snack at the Kiosk - try either fish & chips or their fabulous ice cream, a cup of coffee or a smoothie. Swan Pedal Boats provide some extra family fun and a wonderful way to explore the lake and to view all the birdlife in the area. Chickens, ducks, sheep and a very friendly cow called Missy Moo help to make a visit to the Bremer Bay Mini Golf & Kiosk a must.

Tom and Astrid have had a lifelong interest in health and fitness owning gyms in Perth and now, the only gym in Bremer Bay. Honey has always been an important part of their daily routine and enjoy and promote the health benefits of raw honey.

Kwongan Honey is available for sale from the Kiosk.

Julie Leenhouwers

Julie worked as a Wool Classer locally and in the Eastern States for many years, until 2003 when she saw the opportunity to establish her dream – Farming! Having grown up in Bremer Bay, she now farms in the area with her partner Greg and their two daughters. Being a mother of school aged children, Julie is actively involved within the School and that of the Community. Current roles include being a Councillor of the Shire of Jerramungup and Treasurer of the Bremer Bay Community Resource Centre.

Julie is committed to maintaining the natural unique environment in Bremer Bay and has re-established vast tracks of native vegetation which has been a wonderful source of pollen & nectar for the bees on her farm.

Peter & Tanya Buckenara

The Buckenara family are a well-established farming family who run a 500 –head cow pure Santa Gertrudis herd on their beautiful farm, bordering the Fitzgerald River National Park, in Bremer Bay. Their steers are sold to processor, Harvey Beef, in Western Australia.

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Raw Honey Video Presentation

Here's how "Honey" differs from "Raw Honey", a special thanks goes to the Organics YouTube Channel

You may be surprised to know that not all honey is the same. Some honey may have beneficial qualities and even medicinal benefits, whilst others can be detrimental to your health

Recipes & Supporters

Enjoy some delicious & nutricious seasonal honey recipes
Kwongan Honey Supporters & Distributors

  • Raw Honey Mango Smoothie

    Less than 30 minutes

    Nutritious and refreshing, this beverage will really get you going, it's packed full of protein and flavour. Mangos are a great source of vitamin A and C, they also provide 2.6 grams of fibre per cup. Raw honey provides you with amino acids, plus a wide range of vitamins and enzymes.

  • Spicy Honey Cake

    Janette's Spicy Honey Cake

    About 1 hour 15 minutes

    Quick and healthy, this cake is superb in texture and taste plus it's easy to make and bake. All the flours of vanilla, coffee, cinnamon, and Kwongan Honey. For a fuss free afternoon tea, try it, you'll love it as much as we do.

  • Roast Lamb with Honey & Thyme

    1.5 to 2 hours

    The sweetness of Spring roast lamb is enhanced by a honey glaze with a scattering of thyme. An easy recipe that will provide additional nutrition and flavour to a favourite Australian meal.

  • hofruit salad with honey and lime

    Fruit Salad with Honey Lime Dressing

    Less than 30 minutes

    A fantastic tasting and refreshing fruit salad, if you like honey and lime you will love this recipe. Great for breakfast, lunch, or desert, this will really get you going, it's packed full of protein and bursting with flavour.

  • Honey Granola

    Honey Granola

    Less than 1 hour

    Make your own crunchy granola! Very easy to make and doesn't require additional oils in the cooking process. Enjoy with fresh berries and natural yoghurt for a Nutritious and wholesome meal or snack.

  • Raw Honey Lemonade

    Less than 30 minutes

    Drinking honey lemonade, hot or cold, first thing in the morning gets your body in fat burning mode. It goes into action to remove harmful chemicals and toxins from the body by regularising the bowl. Honey lemonade boosts your immunity to help resist infections and diseases, it does wonders for your skin, and gives you a great energy boost.

  • Crisp King Prawns with Honey & Garlic Sauce

    1-2 hours

    Kylie Kwong's famous recipe from the Australian Gourmet Traveller. This dish relies on fresh quality seafood, Australian grown garlic and, we believe, the best raw honey from Kwongan Honey.

  • Raw Honey Glaze

    1-2 hours

    An easy to prepare glaze that may be applied to ham, pork, chicken, lamb or just about any food suitable for baking. You may wish to adjust the mixture of honey, sugar and mustard to suit your taste, this recipe is a great starting point.

  • Tom's Rhubarb

    1-2 hours

    A fantastic dessert that is full of nutrition and flavour. Rhubarb mixed with fresh fruit is so refreshing on a warm summers day especially when served with icecream or yogurt, the addition of raw honey will take the edge off the rhubarb to make the servings taste delicious.

  • honey whiskey truffles

    Honey Whiskey Truffles

    About 2 hours

    Sumptuous truffles are easy to make and provide a special after dinner treat. You can try this recipe with a variety of chocolates and whisky's including Drambuie, mix up the flavours some more with different seasons of Kwongan Honey.

  • Honey Anzacs

    Honey Anzacs

    45 minutes to 1 hour

    An Australian favourite that is easy to prepare and bake. The addition of Kwongan raw honey provides added nutrition and sweetness, you may wish to adjust the mixture of honey to sugar to suit your taste, this recipe is a good starting point.

  • chicken braised figs with honey

    Chicken Braised with Figs & Honey

    1-2 hours

    Adapted from Maggie Beer's recipe. The chicken is tender, the figs are perfect grainy sweet and complimented by honey, mixed the slightly sharp verjuice. This dish is certain to awaken your taste buds with all its tangy sweet flavours.

  • Honey Roasted Vegetables

    1-2 hours

    Add nutrition and flavour to your root vegetables, not only does the honey taste delicious, it has numerous health benefits. When you cook with honey, you can replace unnatural sugars and create some wonderful flavours. The honey also preserves the vegetables at room temperature if you bake earlier in the day and re heat for an evening meal.

  • Baked Fruit & Raw Honey

    Less than 30 minutes

    A fruit salad for the cooler months, retain all the benefits of eating healthy fruits baked with delicious raw honey, its natures super dessert. Top with yoghurt, ice-cream or custard, also great cold the next day on muesli.

  • Quince Hazelnut & Oat Crumble

    1 hour 15 minutes

    Quince is ripe for the picking in Autumn, what better time to make a healthy dessert containing this mysterious super fruit. Topped with chopped hazelnuts and rolled oats it is ideal served with thickened cream or custard and icecream.

  • kwongan distributors map

    Kwongan Honey Distributors

    Do you want to become a distributor?

    As a burgining business, we are yet to establish a wide range of distributors in Australia. If you are interested in representing Kwongan Honey products, please contact Steve or Jill.

  • A Kwongan Honey Equipment Supplier

    Systems Design & Manufacture

    Boutelje Products NZ specialise in the manufacture of high quality extraction, filling, capping and other honey processing equipment. Kwongan Honey are very pleased with the design and construction of our recently purchased Boutelje machinery.

  • A Kwongan Honey Collaboration

    Kwongan Honey is available from the Kiosk

    Tom and Astrid own and run Bremer Bay Mini Golf and Kiosk, a fantastic business surrounded by natural bushland bordering the Fitzgerald River National Park. Enjoy 18 holes of mini golf, have a pedal in the swan boats and or take a wonder to see the wildlife. Stop for a snack, meal or a hot or cold beverage at their kiosk.

  • A Kwongan Honey Collaboration

    Soleceramics - Sonja Danilovic

    Sonja is the creative director of Nude Design Studio, graphic design business she co-founded with her partner John Durey. Sonja also produces the hand crafted earthenware included with Kwongan Honey gift sets.

  • A Kwongan Honey Collaboration

    Printed Tea Towels By Lucie Groom

    Lucie is an Australian artist whose designs reflect natural beauty, we are very fortunate to receive Lucie's creativity in the design of the Kwongan Honey tea towels. Visit her site and explore her talents, Lucie's website incorporates online shopping for some of her original metal work jewellery.


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